To carry out the tasks from the self-governing area of the municipality and for the tasks of state administration transfer to the Municipality, Vrsi Municipality has established the Unique Administrative Department. The organization of the Unique Administrative Department shall be regulated by a special decision of the Municipal Council in accordance with the law and the Statute of the Municipality of Vrsi. Unique Administrative Department is managed by the Head of Department, who is appointed by the Mayor on the basis of a public call. To carry out activities within the scope of the Unique Administrative Department, the Head of Department shall be responsible to the Mayor.

Unique Administrative Department:

  • performs laws and other regulations, decisions and other acts of the Municipal Council and the Municipal Mayor,
  • follows the situation, handle administrative affairs,
  • conduct surveillance,
  • undertakes measures which are legally or otherwise regulated by law,
  • prepares draft decisions and other general acts,
  • is obliged to enable work, rights and needs of citizens and other legal entities,
  • performs other tasks.

Employees in the Unique Administrative Department of Vrsi Municipality:

  • Marko Rončević – head of department,
  • Denis Marić –accounting,
  • Kristian Vukić – senior associate for budget and finance,
  • Ivan Ninčević – municipal policeman,



Working hours: 07:00 – 15:00 sati. Working with clients from 08-12.