Consultation with the interested public

Property management plan owned by Vrsi Municipality – the counseling is open to: 20.12.2017.

Trash management plan of Vrsi Municipality for the period 2018.-2023. – counseling is open to: 09.03.2018.

Strategy for managing and disposing assets owned by Vrsi Municipality for the period 2018.-2022.counseling is open to: 22.04.2018.

Access to information

In accordance with the Law on Access to Information (Narodne novine, broj 25/13) which is regulating and arranging the right of access to information of municipalities Vrsi has an information officer: Marko Rončević

023 360 625

023 359-508

Attached down you can find forms for accessing information. Pursuant to Article 8 (2) of the Law on Access to Information, public authorities should not place users in an unequal position. In accordance with Article 6, information should be available to any domestic or foreign, natural or legal person.

Criteria for determining the amount of compensation for actual material costs and costs of providing information (NN 12/14 i 15/14 correction) Vrsi Municipality retains the right to reimbursement.

  1. copy one page size A4 – 0,25 kuna
  2. copy one page size A3 – 0,50 kuna
  3. copy one page in color size A4 – 1,00 kuna
  4. copy one page in color size A3 – 1,60 kuna
  5. electronic record on one CD – 4,00 kuna
  6. electronic record on one DVD – 6,00 kuna
  7. electronic recording on the memory card depending on the amount of memory – 210 kuna for 64 GB, 150 kuna for 32 GB, 120 kuna for 16 GB, 50 kuna for 8 GB, 30 kuna for 4 GB
  8. converting one side of a document from a physical to an electronic format – 0,80 kuna
  9. convert video clips, audio tapes, or floppy disks to an electronic record – 1,00 kuna

The costs of providing the information are calculated according to the valid price list of regular postal services.

Below you can find the necessary documents:

Request for supplement or correction of information

Request for reuse of information

Request for access to information

Appeal against decision about reuse of information

Appeal against decision about access to information

Appeal to the silence of the administration’s access to information

Reports on the implementation of the Law to access to information Act

Annual report for 2017. (pdf format).csf format

Annual report for 2016. (pdf format).csf format