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Important Documents


On this page you can find documents on budgeting and its modifications and additions for the Vrsi Municipality. 2024. godina…

Financial reports

Financial reports of Vrsi Municipality: 2024. Referentna stranica I. kvartal 2024. godine - Razina 22 - objavljeno: 10.04.2024, 08:55h Financijski…

Consultation with the public

Here are public invitations for consulting with the public Active consulting Closed consulting Savjetovanje za donošenje Plana upravljanja pomorskim dobrom…

Spatial plan

Here are documents for spatial plan of Vrsi Municipality Spatial plan of Vrsi Municipality Odluka o izradi II. izmjena i…

Official heralds

Official heralds from 2024.: Official herald 01-24 Official herald 02-24 Official herald 03-24 Official herald 04-24 Official heralds from 2023.:…

Decisions and acts

Most important decisions issued by Municipal Council and the Mayor of Vrsi Municipality. All other decisions are here. Odluka o…

Municipal Administration


Opcinsko vijeće Općine Vrsi

Municipal Council

Unified administrative department

Counter Section

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Length Of The Coast

If You Noticed Problems

Report difficulties

With the aim of speeding up the settlement of municipal problems in the area of Vrsi Municipality, please report them by completing the form below which will be obtained directly from the communal line. You need to enter the address where the problem is located, a short description, and optionally add a photo. Please enter the street name exactly to make it easier to reach the location. If the problem can not be solved, the municipal order will forward it…

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