By laying wreaths and burning candles in the morning in front of the central cross in the local cemetery of Vrsi, and on the graves of Ivica Matuslović and Frane Vukić wreaths were laid. The event was attended by pastor Ivica Bašić with the municipal delegation headed by chief Luka Perinić. At 18h was held a solemn session in the multimedia hall in the municipality. Krešimir Laštro, head of the Zadar County Office for the Sea and Tourism, Emil Ćurko, Mayor of the City of Nin, and Dalija Pavlović Peroš, Deputy Mayor, came to the meeting. Mayor Kristijan Kapović with his deputy mayor and councilors came from the Municipality of Vir. The local residents of the Vrsi Municipality were also introduced. After a solemn session, a reception was held for all guests, and then all of them went to Riva, where the Day of the Municipality of Vrsi was organized. Thanks to our guests: KUD Sv. Lovre Vrsi, KUD Gospa Lurdska, the Vista group from Zadar and the Iskon klapa. Thanks to all the locals who came to celebrate and hope everyone has had fun.