On Tuesday and Wednesday (April 10th and April 11th) in the Vrsi Municipality will come employees from Ciklon Zadar who are dealing with deratization. Deratization is a set of measures and procedures implemented to reduce the population of harmful rodents below the threshold of harm.

Rodents can be the reservoirs and transmitters of pathogens of various infectious diseases, which is why the obligation to implement preventive systematic deratization is prescribed by the Act of the protection of people from contagious diseases (“NN” 79/07, 113/08, 43/09).

The best time to implement the deratization is spring when after winter sleep rodents are intensively searching for carbohydrates and their drifting bait matches their composition, and in the fall when they increase the need for food due to the build-up of body fat needed for the upcoming winter.

Therefore, employees will be free to share poison for rodents, and all those who need it have to contact the Ivan Ninčević on his cellphone 091 922 9917.

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