In Municipality Vrsi you can enjoy numerous specialties, especially in sea food prepared in various ways in addition to the addition of local olive oil.

Your hosts will be delighted to serve local homemade ham, which is the secret of its specific taste and salty Pag cheese. Apart from the sea delicacies, they will also prepare those meat in the best possible way.

Along with olive oil and traditional Dalmatian spices, you will taste the flavor that you will be happy to remember and for which you will come back. We invite you to feel the pleasure of the family atmosphere and the warmth of friendly hosts in our restaurants.

Apart from enjoying the gastronomic offer of our restaurants in Vrsi you can almost at all the locals try autochthonous wine, brandy, olive oil, grapes, figs and olives. If you are interested, the hosts will be happy to bring you closer to the ways of production, to show your vineyards and olive groves.

More about our local OPGs found out in this web page.

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