Construction of the coastal belt in Zukve

Vrsi Municipality is in the process of drafting documentation for the project Coastal zone construction in Zukve. The project will cover the area of concrete line, total length of 700 meters. Building the coastal belt in Zukve will solve the problems of pedestrian areas, access to the beach and the sunbathing area and will fit with the design of urban elements and equipment. The total value of the project is 2.5 million kuna.
The coastal belt in Zukve will remedy the natural state of the promenade and provide adequate security for the population, tourists and visitors. The promenade in Zukve will be connected with the promenade of Nin.
The project is both developmental and infrastructural, will contribute to the valorisation of tourism and the possibilities of daily family reunion. Project Coastal zone construction in Zukve continues a successful series of projects for improving utility and infrastructure services and improving the overall conditions and quality of life in Vrsi Municipality.
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