The Municipal Mayor of the Municipality of Vrsi represents the Municipality and is the holder of the executive power of the Municipality. The Municipal Mayor is directly elected in the elections. The Mayor performs the tasks stipulated by the Statute of the Municipality of Vrsi, in accordance with the law. The Municipal Mayor is responsible to the central state administration bodies for the performance of state administration tasks transferred to the scope of the municipal body.

The Mayor, in addition to the duties prescribed by law, performs also these tasks:

  • prepares proposals for general acts,
  • performs and ensures the execution of general acts of the Municipal Council,
  • determines the municipality’s budget and execution of the budget,
  • manages real estate, movable property and property rights owned by the Municipality in accordance with the law, this Statute and the general act of the Municipal Council,
  • decides on the acquisition and alienation of movable property and real estate of the Municipality of Vrsi whose individual value does not exceed 0.5% of the amount of income without receipts realized in the year preceding the year in which the acquisition and disposal of movable property and real estate is exceeded and up to HRK 1.000.000,00 if acquisition and alienation are planned in the budget and carried out in accordance with legal regulations,
  • manages revenues and expenditures of the Municipality,
  • manages the available funds in the municipal budget account,
  • decides on patronage,
  • gives approval for the borrowing and guarantee of legal persons in the majority direct or indirect ownership of the municipality and institution whose founder is responsible for fulfilling the obligations of legal persons and institutions,
  • it issues an ordinance on the internal order for the administrative bodies of the municipality,
  • appoints and dismisses the heads of administrative departments,
  • performs affairs of the assembly of companies owned by the Municipality,
  • appoint and dismiss the internal auditor,
  • establishes the reception plan in the municipal administration bodies,
  • makes a decision on the criteria for the employees and the manner of conducting the assessment,
  • proposes the development of a spatial plan as well as its amendments and supplements based on reasoned and substantiated proposals by natural and legal persons,
  • may entrust the elaboration of urban plans for the design and execution of other spatial planning activities to the Department of Physical Planning of the Grand Town,
  • consider and determine the final proposal of the spatial plan,
  • carries out real estate management operations to establish a real estate fund,
  • brings a public procurement plan,
  • brings a maritime management plan,
  • makes a decision about the publication of a bidding collection or the invitation to tender for the performance of utility activities,
  • concludes a concession contract for performing utility activities,
  • makes a decision on the publication of a bidding collection or the announcement of a tender for the performance of utility activities under the contract and concludes a contract on the assignment of jobs,
  • gives prior approval to change the price of utility services,
  • by the end of March of the current year, submits to the Municipal Council a report on the execution of the Utility Infrastructure Maintenance Program and the Program for the Construction of Objects and Utilities Utilities for the previous year,
  • sets out the conditions, benchmarks and procedure for determining the order of priority for buying an apartment from a program of socially-fueled housing,
  • carries out the tendering procedure and makes the decision on the most favorable offer for renting the business premises owned by the Municipality in accordance with the special decision of the Municipal Council about business premises,
  • organizes fire protection in the area of the municipality and takes care of successful implementation and taking measures to improve fire protection,
  • directs the activities of the administrative departments and services of the Municipality in the performance of the tasks of the self-governing field of the municipality, ie state administration, if they have been transferred to the Municipality,
  • supervises the work of administrative departments and services in the self-governing field and state administration tasks,
  • gives an opinion on the suggestions submitted by other authorized proposers,
  • supervises the lawfulness of the work of the bodies of local committees,
  • establishes advisory bodies for the purpose of carrying out activities within its scope of activity and selects advisers and other professional persons engaged in performing professional tasks within the scope of the Municipality,
  • performs other tasks provided for by this Statute and other regulations.
Mayor Luka Perinić, bacc.oec.
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