New water supply network in Vrsi

Vrsi Municipality signed the contract for the development of the documentation of the project of the DuševicćMlin-Vrsi-Škripača water network in the amount of 240.000 kn. Documents financed by the Municipality will be delivered within 90 working days, after which the municipality of Vrsi plans to apply to European funds and the Rural Development Program 2014-2020.
The size of the planned pipeline is 8 kilometers, and its importance is reflected in the fact that it will allow uninterrupted water supply services, especially in the peak months of the month. The settlement Vrsi is supplied with water from the pumping station “Boljkovac” while the Poljica settlement is supplied from the pumping station “Oko”. Pump station “Boljkovac” swings in the winter and summer period and causes problems with water supply, especially in the summer months, while the pumping station itself is questionable. The pipeline from the “Oko” pumping station to the water tower of Škripača is the most efficient solution to this burning problem.
With this move, Vrsi Municipality strives to resolve the issue of hot water supply in the summer months, improve the quality of life of all inhabitants of this Municipality, increase the competitiveness and quality of tourism services.

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