Municipal Council

Opcinsko vijeće Općine Vrsi

The Municipal Council is a representative body of citizens and a body of local self-government, which issues acts within the scope of the Vrsi Municipality and performs other tasks in accordance with the law and the Statute of Vrsi Municipality. The Municipal Council consists of 9 councilors elected in elections conducted in accordance with the provisions of the law. The mandate of the members of the Municipal Council elected on a regular election takes 4 years. The Municipal Council has the president and vice president elected from their queues. The manner of operation of the Municipal Council is regulated by the Rules of Procedure of the Municipal council, in accordance with the law and the Statute of the Vrsi Municipality.

Municipal Council of Vrsi Minicipality decides about:

  • Statute of the Municipality,
  • The Rules of Procedure of the Council,
  • the conditions, manner and procedure for the management of real estate owned by the municipality,
  • budget and budget execution,
  • semi-annual and annual budget execution report,
  • temporary financing,
  • acquisition and alienation of movable property and real estate of Vrsi Municipality whose total value exceeds 0.5% of the amount of receipts without receipts realized in the year preceding the year in which the acquisition and alienation of movable property and real estate exceeds 1.000.000 Croatian kuna,
  • changing the boundaries of Vrsi Municipality,
  • organizing the organization and the scope of administrative departments and services,
  • establishment of public institutions, institutions, companies and other legal persons, for the performance of economic, social, communal and other activities of interest to the municipality,
  • giving prior consent to the statutes of the institution, unless otherwise provided by law or by the founding decision,
  • signing the agreement on cooperation with other units of local self-government, in accordance with the general act and law,
  • calling for a local referendum,
  • electing and dismissing the president and vice-president of the Municipal Council,
  • electing and dismissing the presidents and members of the working bodies of the Municipal Council,
  • the criteria, method and procedure for awarding public grants and grants public recognition,
  • appointment and disqualification other persons determined by law, this Statute and the special decisions of the Municipal Council,
  • other general acts that are entrusted to it by law and bylaws.

Members of the Municipal Council of Vrsi Municipality:

  • Josipa Maraš Keliš, president, Kandidacijska lista grupe birača
  • Leonarda Božić, deputy president, Kandidacijska lista grupe birača
  • Josip Perković, Kandidacijska lista grupe birača
  • Nino Aleksić, Kandidacijska lista grupe birača
  • Nevena Radić, Kandidacijska lista grupe birača
  • Ivan Perinić, Kandidacijska lista grupe birača
  • Matej Vučković, Kandidacijska lista grupe birača
  • Anđela Brkljača, HDZ
  • Kristijan Perković, HDZ

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Municipal council
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