Poljica is the second largest place in Vrsi Municipality. Poljica are part of the agricultural oasis of the Vrsi municipality. Poljica is located in the west of Ravni Kotar and about 3 km away from the sea. The area is 12.24 km², with 427 inhabitants.

Unfortunately, there is not much to tell about the history of the place itself, because there are no historical documents that would help, apart from some ecclesiastical registers.

Due to their geographic position, the two cultural influences of Northern Dalmatia have diverged in the Poljica because of their geographic position: the Dinaric and the Adriatic which brings specialties in the way of life, dialect, etc. Poljica could still be called the green oasis of Vrsi Municipality. Local people are mostly engaged in agriculture; with the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, vines, olives and figs.


Kulturna baština

In the center of the place there are two churches:

Catholic Church Sv. Mihovila Arkanđela which was built in 1857 and restored in 1921. The Poljica district was established in 1687.

Orthodox Church Rođenja Bogorodice – Mala Gospa it was built in 1868, which is visible from the signboard above the main entrance. The church was restored in 2005.-2006. when its surroundings were arranged.

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