Sports center “Stara gusterna”

In order to promote sports and recreation of children and youths, Vrsi municipality has produced documentation for arranging the sports center Stara Gusterna. The total value of the project is 223 481,87 kn. On the asphalt floor of the existing football field, a layer of artificial grass of 5 cm will be laid, along with the northwestern edge of the playground will be mounted assembly stands. The total capacity of the forum will be 100 seats.
The content is adapted for disabled and disabled people.
It is planned the application of the project to the “Bura” measure LAG 2.1. Construction and reconstruction of public infrastructure in order to improve the quality of life in the LAG area, will be announced at the end of 2018.
Supporting the promotion of sports and healthy lifestyles, Vrsi Municipality encourages young people to play sports activities and promotes team and sport spirit.

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